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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20081105

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Kreisler, Lloyd, Seppala, Stechishin, Savage, Madra


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Request for PHER CMET delay
  3. Can we make artref IDs "version-less"
  4. Progress report on Subversion Use and Support
  5. Notes from Don Lloyd
  6. Around the table

Role call and agenda

Andy, Austin unanimous

Review Minutes of October 29, 2008

PH Split was approved by PHER WG, with no opposition voiced by RCRIM co-chairs.

Andy, Rob unanimous

Request for PHER CMET delay

Desire is to submit CMETs after we know what happens after consideration of the Entity group proposal from Schadow to revert to "old" language. This will change will "break" certain CMET designs from PHER and will alter model of "groups" as an Entity. In September RoundTable noted that there are designs based on "current" RIM, but usage was in violation of the "current state."

Propose to accept the CMETs on time, with agreement that we will entertain updating these after the Harmonization if this is necessary. If the RIM changes, thet may need to defer for this cycle.

Austin, Madra unanimous

Can we make artref IDs "version-less"

Need to make the "anchors" version-less, and then stripping the refs to be version-less is easy. Found in Story where they are referencing an Interaction from the text; and the links to CMET "parent" variants. GWB will investigate how to do step 1 in next 18 hrs; then we decide whether to ask Krot to change the refs. Will report and will report back.

CMETs Management

In building a local PubDb domains should:

  1. Remove all topics except their own
  2. Remove artifactStatus entries for ALL but their own domains and topics.
  3. Publishing will re-combine and worry about keeping them straight.
  4. Merge ignores the "common sections"; M&M will retain responsibility for these
  5. "release numbers" in the Ballot (pre-Normative) are NOT binding when the CMET becomes normative. Rather the version number is determined and assigned.

Progress report on Subversion Use and Support

For "outputgraphics" and its "source":

  1. The conversion process is manual. Therefore the GIFs will be produced from the source and ve4rsioned under outputgraphics
  2. The build process will copy the Gifs for use in publication

Agreed we would put domain "CMET PubDb" in domain "databases" (like "COCT_PA") and similarly the models in domain "models"

Woody to e-mail Wilfred for Rob Savage permissions.

Andy contacting Wendy for training material in re SVN. She is forwarding this through Patrick Loyd.

Don - Status

  • New tree-menu in use on preview site
  • Preview site content is up-to-date

Adjourned - 17:10 Eastern