V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20080220

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Beeler, Logan, Seppala, Lloyd, Nelson, Harding

Agenda Items

  1. Approved agenda
  2. Ballot Pol Signup Deadline
    Discussed an e-mail thread in about the newly-announced deadline for joining a ballot pool. Previously, there was no such deadline, one needed only joint before the ballot closed. As a result of last-minute difficulties -- verifying membership, accepting payments, web-site hiccups and the like -- the HL7 Governance and Operations Manual (GOM) specifies a deadline 14 days before ballot close.
    In discussion, the committee acknowledged the rationale for setting a deadline that would allow for processing and verification, but also expressed concern that the proposed deadline is more in advance than needed and poses other issues. Among other things, it reduces HL7's ability to canvass for additional participation in a small ballot pool, even though the deadline goes provide a us a point at which to review ballot participation. Moreover, it is not clear whether there is any mechanism to receive an "exemption" or "forgiveness" for missing the deadline.
    As a result of this discussion, the committee approved (Harding moved/Nelson seconded/unanimous) the following motion:
    "The V3 Publishing Committee acknowledges that the GOM is the authoritative source for items such as the deadline for joining a ballot pool. On more detailed consideration, however, the Committee recommends that the deadline should be five working before the ballot close, because we believe this is better balanced with respect to the objectives -- support the need to process last minute sign-ups, enable canvassing, provide time to consider a ballot after it opens before registering. The committee also recommends that a provision be made whereby the CTO is authorized to allow HQ to canvass for additional voters on selected pools, after the deadline has passed and to approve other exceptions to the deadline."
    Note that an inquiry on the broader application of GOM Balloting rules has been made to CTO & TSC by HQ
  3. Future Business
    1. Impact of GOM on Publishing
    2. Deadlines and due dates
    3. Alter ballot cycle schedule for future
  4. Adjourned