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Kreisler, Loyd, Lloyd, Beeler, Nelson, Seppala, Wood, Madra, Harding Return to V3 Publishing Minutes


Beeler, Logan, Julian, Larson, Seppala, Lloyd, Williamson, Nelson, Harding

Wood, Madra, Harding

Agenda Items

  1. Approved agenda
  2. Approved the minutes 02/06/08
  3. PHER TB DAM Balloting, and what Domain
    Discussion with Michelle Williamson. Coming through PHER SIG is a Domain Analysis Model (DAM) for Tuberculosis as an HL7 Informative Standard. The questions were:
    1. Can this be published as "PDF" and, possibly, an Excel file?
    2. Where will this be published, under what "domain"
    There ensued a discussion (mostly Michelle & Woody) about this questions and agreed that:
    1. Publication as "attachments (PDF and Excel) was acceptable and had been done with similar documents in the past, with one proviso -- that these documents not contain hyper-links to content maintained outside of the HL7 web site (because of the fragility of such links.)
    2. The publication locus "depends." For DAMs of existing domains, the content should be published as content under the domain or one of its topics. For DAMs that span multiple domains, or where there is not a current activity to develop a Normative specification, we wioll collect these under a new Heading in the Ballot "navigation tree" titled "Clinical Domain Analysis Models" or "Disease-specific Domain Analysis Models" or "Multi-Discipline Domain Analysis Models". This heading would be a "sibling" to "Universal Domains" and probably reside above that node in the tree. Woody will follow up further on this with Ed Hammond.
  4. Follow-up on Attributes Descriptions vs Walkthroughs
    1. Action on a motion to adopt a position (Loyd)
      Deferred to 2/20/2008 per Patrick's request.
    2. Summary of tooling requirements from this discussion (Seppala) After some discussion, we boiled these requirements down to the following:
      • Markup for Visio documentation
      • DMIM documentation (walk-thru) in Visio
      • Cascading documentation (like CIC documenter)
      • or Inherit content DMIM to an RMIM
      • See whole in an editable "table/Excel" presentation
      • Tag/segregate content in table view & Excel view
      • Spell-checker & proper WYSIWYG editor
    3. Gregg Seppala agreed to lodge these as a tolling request against the RMIM Designer
  5. Noted that Notice of Intent to Ballot deadline is this coming Sunday at mid-night.
  6. Future Business
    1. Impact of GOM on Publishing
    2. Deadlines and due dates
    3. Alter ballot cycle schedule for future
  7. Adjourned