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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20080123

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Minutes from the January 23, 2008 V3Publishing Conference call are attached and included "in-line" below.


Woody Beeler, Dick Harding, Carolyn Logan, Austin Kreisler, Don Lloyd, Helen Stevens-Love

  1. Agreed to agenda
  2. As her final act as Co-chair of V3 Publishing, Helen conducted a vote to select two of three candidates for V3 Publishing Co-chair to be submitted as recommendations to the TSC. The group selected Dick Harding and Woody Beeler. These names will be forwarded to the TSC
  3. Approve Minutes from WGM - Dick/Carolyn - unanimous
  4. Agreed without a motion to the proposed May Meeting Schedule (Q1, Q2 Wednesday) (GWB to request space)
  5. Discussed Conference Call Schedule
    The group talked about re-scheduling to conference calls to make it more reassonable for Dick Harding to participate, and noting that there are a number of key contributers in the Eastern US time zone and the Pacific US time zone. (to visualize the problem, got to:
    The group proposed that we propose moving the the weekly conference call to 4:00 PM Eastern time, and plan tpo formally adopt this motion at the "historic" conference call time next week. This action will make the calls at 7:00AM for Dick through January and February. Beginning March 10, however, Daylight time in North America will push this time one-hour earlier in Australia.
    Next Week's call will, again, be at 11:30AM Eastern, on Wednesday January 30.
  6. Conference Call Technology
    Woody proposed, and the group agreed to use GoToMeeting to support these calls. He will provide details to Don Lloyd and Dick Harding so that they can initiate a call on weeks where Woody must be absent.
  7. Overview of Planned Publishing Tool update
    Woody provided an overview of a planned, staged update to Publishing Tools. This plan was discussed in bioth the Tooling and Publishing Committee in San Anonio and was briefly presented at the Facilitator's Roundtable at the WGM.
    The objective is to afford better management of source material for the ballot, to provide more automated support for the creation of the ballot site from committee-managed content, and ultimately to allow preparation of "complete" ballot on each Publishing Facilitators "desktop."
    Accomplishment of this goal requires at least three stages:
    1. To fully automate (using ANT scripts) the process of converting committee-provided content into the final ballot site. This requires enabling ANT management for a number of currently stand-alone tools, and is planned to be comleted during this ballot cycle. It will have no direct impact on the committees.
    2. To modify the way committee content is placed and managed under version control (SVN). In the ideal case, committees will manage the versioning of their own content and HQ will be able to access that content for publication. This process will require planning, and setting a strategy for content status representation and for management responsibilities. The intent is to SET these strategies for review at the May WGM, and then to implement them for the Ballot2008Sep.
    3. The final step will be top complete the automation and roll it out to the users desktop. This can happen no earlier than fourth quarter 2008.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 12:20PM Eastern time.