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V3 Publishing Artifact Versioning

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Artifact Versioning

The following is meant to form the basis of discussion prior to a formal statement of the policies of the Publishing Work Group. With review and debate the statements below will be confirmed, ratified as policies of Publishing and approved by the TSC. At that time this statement will be removed.

The Artifact Version progresses linearly

The version of an artifact is incremented in a single direction. Each new version will be a number greater than the previous version.

  • You can go from 02 to 03
  • You cannot go from 04 to 03

The Artifact Version does not necessarily advance in a set increment

The version of an artifact does not necessarily need to advance only by one.

  • You can have 05 as the next version of an artifact following version 02 (but then you can never publish a version 03 or 04)

The Artifact Version is 2 digits

This rule is determined by the naming conventions of HL7 V3 artifacts

  • You can have a version of 01 or 10 or 34
  • You cannot have a version of 1 or 142

The Artifact Version is assigned when the artifact achieves formal status as DSTU, Informative or Normative Standard

The Version Number for a Artifact is determined as part of the publication process. In consideration of the other rules specified here, the Artifact will have the version number determined after it is submitted for formal publication

An Artifact that has not been published in a Normative Edition has no Version Number

GWBeeler 17:30, 12 July 2013 (UTC) Note that when an approved artifact is taken to re-ballot for a later release, the version number is dropped, and then re-assigned after the next formal approval.

This rule is a corollary of the previous rule. It is important to note that this rule extends to those artifacts that have passed ballot but have not yet been sent for publication in the Normative Edition.

An Artifact receives a different Version Number with each Ballot Designation

An Artifact will receive a new Version Number when it is 'promoted' via ballot irrespective of any changes to the Artifact.

  • You can have a version of 01 for a DSTU artifact and a version of 02 for the same artifact as Normative
  • You cannot have a version of 01 for the DSTU artifact and a version of 01 for the same artifact as Normative

An Artifact Version is determined by the Work Group responsible for the Artifact

The Publishing work group does not assign artifact versions but rather ensures that all work groups version artifacts consistently by the application of the above rules.

Additional Material from 4/12/13

During Ballots, no artifact versions are displayed except for content that has passed Normative or DSTU Ballot and is NOT being balloted in the current cycle.

Artifact version do NOT exist for artifacts currently undergoing ballot

A new artifact is assigned when a Normative or DSTU ballot is passed (completed) on an artifact that changed in the course of that ballot.

There may be an "expected" version number expressed for artifacts that are being updated, but these are not listed as part of the artifact ID.

Versions are "set" in the Publication Data Base for domain content

Discuss of Releases - Releases are sequential number assigned for times submitted to ANSI

Releases may have a "dot" number like 1.1

Release numbers DO NOT necessarily align with artifact Version numbers. Thus Release 1 will include artifact versions 03 in case where two DSTU's were previously published.

Release numbers are established in collaboration between Work Group and Publishing.

Releases are set in a maintenance file established by Publishing (HQ)

Discussion of ballot number Ballot number is simply the current count of ballots for the material at its present ballot "stage" (Draft, DSTU, Normative, and will re-start when, for example. a DSTU 1 is taken back for DSTU 2.

Ballot number is set in the Publication Database for domain content