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V3 PubProcess - Publish Specific Content (Domain or Document)

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Primarytargets and documentation on this page

This page documents a number of named ANT "targets" (names like 00.10...REVIEW properties) that invoke specific tasks, and documents. The combined publishing tools include ten "primary" targets, and over 25 "supplemental" targets. These are distinguished as follows:
  • Primary targets are shown on this page in bold face; they correspond to "batch" files of the same name.
  • Supplemental targets are shown on this page indented and in normal font; they correspond to "batch" files named with the prefix "supp-" followed by the target name.

05...Publish Specific Content

"Specific content" refers to material that is the publishing responsibility of a single facilitator or Work Group. It might be many things - a domain, a CDA Implementation Guide or an "infrastructure" specification. This section documents the processes needed to publish this material. As a general rule, the publishing of this content is driven from sets of content lists with names such as See the V3_PubProcess_-_Property_Files for a discussion of how these lists are defined and the actual property files for a list of all content identifiers.

04.80 or 05.10...Distribute Generated Content

Distribute generated files to Publishing Process directory structure.

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Defined Processes (Eclipse Target or BAT file:
  • 05.10...Distribute Generated Content - Distributes generated files to publishing process directory structure. Causes Domain content copy for 'active' and 'support' domains to output directories. (SOMEWHAT REDUNDANT TO -buildDomain)"

05.20...Select content to publish

Selection of content to publish is done through defining the domain and non-domain content lists that are applicable to your publishing environment. These values are in file in the root directory of these tools. These files include the "default" lists which are all possible choices for a particular list. (See also V3_PubProcess_-_Property_Files)

05.30...Domain Pub Process

Defined Processes (Eclipse Target or BAT file:
  • 05.30...Domain Pub Process - Builds domains in combined and lists

05.40...Run All Non-Domain Lists

Publishes content included in the various non-domain content lists.

Defined Processes (Eclipse Target or BAT file:
  • 05.40...Run All Non-Domain From Lists - "Builds content from all of the the** lists (see sub-targets for more specifics).
  • 05.42...Run General Non-Domain List - Builds content from the list
  • 05.44...Run DAMS List - Builds content from the list
  • 05.46...Run Special Models List - Builds content from the list
  • 05.48...Run Special Other List - Builds content from the list

05.50...Review Domain QA from Pub Process

Builds content from the list

05.99...Process all specific content

Combines the effect or running all of the 05.xx processes in one pass.

Defined Processes (Eclipse Target or BAT file:
  • 05.99...Run ALL Specific Content Lists Builds content from all content lists - both domains.** and**

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