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V3 PubProcess - Align, Check, Revise and Constrain Source Content

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Primarytargets and documentation on this page

This page documents a number of named ANT "targets" (names like 00.10...REVIEW properties) that invoke specific tasks, and documents. The combined publishing tools include ten "primary" targets, and over 25 "supplemental" targets. These are distinguished as follows:
  • Primary targets are shown on this page in bold face; they correspond to "batch" files of the same name.
  • Supplemental targets are shown on this page indented and in normal font; they correspond to "batch" files named with the prefix "supp-" followed by the target name.

03...V3 PubProcess - Align, Check, Revise and Constrain Source Content

Version 3 publishing involves the aggregation of the variety of content that has been developed "in parallel" by a variety of work groups. As such, publication must include a series of processes, invoked iteratively, in which the content from multiple work groups is reviewed, corrected, aligned and perhaps constrained. This section documents these coordination and review processes. The details of the underlying design principles are documented as Design Principles for Alignment, Review and Constraint of V3 Publishing Content.

With the exception of the preparation of a quality assurance review and report, this section is not subject to automated support.

03.10...Process Initial QA

This step produces a complete quality assurance review of all domain material that has been provided to the V3 generator. The review result is found in directory output/welcome/issues/ballotqareview.htm. The report is self-documenting as to the process by which it is generated and the sorts of flaws it detects. More specific documentation on using this review to support refinement of your submitted content will be added to the Wiki ASAP.

Defined Processes (Eclipse Target or BAT file):
  • 03.10...Process Initial QA Performs a V3 Generator "Preview Reference Integrity" process that analyzes details from all of the domain PubXml content and the static model data from the Visio XML files to provide a comprehensive listing of inter-model references, and dependencies and then builds a detailed Quality Analysis Report from this data.

03.20...Document results and changes (if needed)

In this step, the facilitator should review the QA report and determine corrections for which he or she is responsible.

03.30...Correct content

This is the actual correction of the errant content in either a revised static model design or a PubDb.

03.40...Repost to SVN

This step simply posts the amended material to the SVN repository.

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