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V2: NA Datatype Example

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V2: NA Datatype Example

Opened:  1006-01-04
Assigned: Scott Robertson
Was action item ITEM: 1058

20060104 Check accuracy of 3rd example for NA data type [v2 errata]

  • 20051129: e-mail from Alberto Sáez Torres who wrote:
6) Page 2-175 Section 2.A.45 P. Data type NA (Numeric Array)
The first component is declared as “REQUIRED” (field OPT of the components table) but in the 3rd example, it’s shown as non-present 
This is an error in the example, the OPT or in my understanding?
  • 20060109 InM WGM: Doug will examine this
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Doug Pratt, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 Examined the NA datatype and determined that the table is wrong – the R should be an O for required in the first component. Tony will take to ARB to find out how we can publish the errata, since it is a mistake in 2.5 and 2.6.
  • 20070326 Tony Julian: E_mail sent again to ARB and HQ

As the outcome of several e-mail messages,from Alberto Sáez Torres 1. (INM Item 1029)The components table for XTN datatype does not correspond with the text in V2.5, and V2.5.1. 2. (INM Item 1058)The table associated with the NA datatype, Chapter 1.A.45, is wrong, and should be updated in v2.5 and v2.5.1.

What is the process for errata? and how does HL7 publish same?

  • 2007-05-01 InM WGM Köln – review of chapter: the table is wrong! The narrative states that if no values exist in a row, then no
    • For v2.5 / v2.5.1 – do an erratum for both (try through John Quinn). V2.6 – can’t change R to O without reballot … table is wrong according to the narrative … Scott will have Joann check for past ARB decisions on this point – can we fix it? Do we need to publish the chapter with an erratum?
  • 20070702: Telcon : Scott will follow up.
  • 20070726 Scott: see Item V2_Datatype_CNN
  • 20080114: WGM: Closed