V2.x InM Identifier Reservations

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This page is used by InM co-chairs to manage requests for InM-assigned identifiers for Version 2.x (e.g., a new trigger event, message structure code). Its purpose is to prevent collisions; i.e., the same identifier assigned two different meanings for two independent requests.


  1. Committees *SHALL* use this process to request identifiers to be used in InM-managed chapter content: queries, responses, and master file notification.
  2. Committees *MAY* use this process to manage identifiers in chapters that they manage.


  1. Requestor reviews request with owning committee if other than InM (e.g., a request for a new Qxx query code to query for Patient Admin information must be vetted in the Patient Administration committee). If that committee approves, then...
  2. Requestor asks an InM co-chair for a new identifier assignment. Requestor includes brief description of the identified concept, including a single sentence summary suitable for the appropriate table.
  3. Request is discussed on teleconference or WGM. If approved, an assignment is made and the corresponding table on this wiki page updated accordingly. Requestor is provided the assigned identifier value.
  4. Request is included in next version of the standard going to committee ballot.
  5. Upon membership ballot passage, the reservation is removed from this wiki page.

Table 0003 - Trigger Event

ID Description Requestor
Q32 <Waiting for description from requestor> Jack Harrington

Table 0076 - Message Type

ID Description Requestor

Table 0354 - Message Structure

ID Description Requestor