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V2.8 Truncation issues

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Truncation issues==

  1. My assumption is that if the truncation character is not included in the MSH-2 (only the historical standard delimiters are defined), then any occurrence of a hash mark (#) in a ST, TX, or FT field are treated as just a regular character, even if it appears as the last character of a string. Please let me know if I am mistaken.
  2. If a hash mark is defined as the truncation character in MSH-2, and a hash wants to be used in the text in an OBX-5 of datatype TX or FT, there is no escape sequence character to place this in, correct? The only way to do it is to insert the hex value of the hash mark (0x23, or 0d35) using the escape sequence to insert a hex or decimal number, yes?

I believe that this has been addressed in v2.8, yes? Regardless, the escape sequence for inserting the hex codes could be used for any delimiter character instead of using the special formatting codes? If yes, which of these two techniques is preferred, or proper? How should this be indicated in a conformance profile?