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V2.8 Fix the table

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This is a page of type Category:InM Open Action Items.

V2.8 Fix the Table

Opened 20080504
assigned: Ted 

Description V2.7 Chapter02A section 2.A.13 "regarding the table for rules for populating CWE - what happens if the site extends the table with known codes from another coding system - this is common, but the table doesn't seem to allow this"

  • 20080504 Q3 Phoenix WGM
    • Ted – the answer is that the code system must be specific to the code.
    • (minutes)General – the table has several problems. ACTION ITEM place "fix the table" on the v2.8 tasks. (we think that Doug authored this, need to include Grahame [he brought up the issue] and maybe Ted to keep this aligned with "good vocab practice"]
  • 20100120: TOny will ping Ted and Grahame.
  • 20100312: Tony pinged Ted, Grahame, and Doug.
  • 20110111 sandy will follow up