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Todd Cooper is an international expert in the area of medical device informatics and healthcare data exchange. A key focus of Todd’s efforts has been to establish “interoperability trust” – a high level of confidence that interoperable technologies will perform as expected, safely and securely. Todd has spent over 25 years focused on the challenges of medical device interoperability, especially infusion pumps, ventilators and physiologic monitors and has also been actively involved in advancing standards-based solutions for healthcare exchange, playing key leadership roles within numerous standards development and advocacy groups, including ISO/TC 215 (Head of the U.S. Delegation), IEEE EMBS/11073, Health Level Seven (HL7) and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). He is a member of the American College of Clinical Engineers and a recipient of awards such as the 2014 IEEE Standards Association Lifetime Achievement award, the 2009 ACCE-HIMSS Excellence in Clinical Engineering and Information Technology Synergies Award. Todd has served as a manager of the IHE Korea “Connectathon” testing event and is also working to advance the development of HL7 FHIR Device-related resources and was a co-author of the U.S. FDA UDI HL7 implementation guidance.

Todd serves in numerous leadership roles within the medical device informatics and health I.T. standards community, including the following:

  • Co-chair, HL7 Health Care Devices (DEV) WG
  • Co-chair, HL7 Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI) WG
  • Chair, ISO TC215 U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG)
  • Board, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International
  • Co-Founder, IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) Domain
  • Chair (emeritus), IEEE EMBS 11073 Medical Device Communication General Committee

Todd Cooper may be contacted at:

Trusted Solutions Foundry, Inc.
12127 Ragweed Street
San Diego, CA 92129-4103
(P) +1 858.442.9200
(Skype) ToddCooperX73