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Tooling Requests

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Tooling Enhancements

Requests for enhancements to an existing tool should be added to that tool's GForge tracker. The standard GForge project for each tool should have "Bugs", "Support Requests", and "Feature Requests" trackers. This is also addressed in the publication on Tooling Requirements on GForge

Tool: Description Tracker Tracker Tracker
Ballot Desktop This project captures issues, suggestions and proposals for the HL7 Ballot Desktop. Bugs Feature Requests Support
caAdapter caAdapter has a component based architecture that offers a tool set to support HL7 v3 message generation capability. For more information, please refer NCICB web site ( Bugs Feature Requests Support Requests
DCM Model creator The intent of this project is to create and maintain one generic Detailed Clinical Model (DCM) that defines the main concepts of using medical device related to data safety and traceability for patient care. This DCM is intended to be reused in other domains where devices play a role in assessment and treatment. Bugs Feature Requests Support
HL7 Eclipse Tooling This project is maintained in the OHT software repository, also known as the Open Health Forge ( The current release of the HL7 V3 Eclipse-based tooling is bundled in a package called the Open Health Workbench. Bugs Feature Requests Support
V3 Design Repository This project contains four packages: HL7 "CoreMif" Instances of RIM, Vocab Data Types and CMETinfo; HL7 Design/RIM Repository, CMETinfo and FormalNamingSource. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below. Bugs Feature Requests Support
V3 Generator The V3 Generator takes XML expressions of static models, and transforms them to: - MIF Files (both MIF 1 and MIF 2); - Static schemas, - Interaction schemas, = table views, and Excel files. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below. Bugs Feature Requests Support
HL7 V3 PubDB PubDb is a set of linked forms in Access supported by VBA code. Serves to document thestatic and dynamic models of a domain. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below. Bugs Feature Requests Support
V3 Pub Tools Provide a general project for developing and managing the software and related tools used to support the development and Publishing of V3 textual content. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below. Bugs Feature Requests Support
IHTSDO Workbench The IHTSDO Workbench is under consideration as a new tool to support management of HL7 vocabulary, including vocabulary harmonization. This project will be used to communicate HL7's evaluation and any subsequent Workbench change requests in conjuction with the OHT IHTSDO project. Bugs Feature Requests Support
Implementation Guide This project provides tools for the creation and publication of implementation guides for HL7 V3 Specifications. Initial creation funded by NLM. Bugs Feature Requests Support
Messaging Workbench The Messaging Workbench is a multipurpose productivity tool for HL7 V2.x implementers. It facilitates rapid development of specifications and reports. It also incorporates an online message validation service, and message generator for use in testing. Bugs Feature Requests Support
MIF Utilities The MIF utilities project is where a set of tools intended to allow comparison of MIFs is located. Bugs Feature Requests Support
Publishing Tool Kit This project provides a shared single source for the transforms and other tools that are used to develop and publish the V3 specifications. Bugs Feature Requests Support
Current RMIM Designer This project provides a common locale from which to manage the source code and release of the R-MIM Designer tool developed in Visio. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below. Bugs Feature Requests Support
RoseTree The RoseTree is a VB application that serves as an interface to the HL7 repository; provides a browser for the RIM and Vocabulary. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link Bugs Feature Requests Support
Templates Registry The HL7 Template Registry is expected to be implemented in conjunction with Open Health Tools as part of a Shared Artifact Repository. This project will follow the development of the Templates Registry service from the inception through to deployment. Bugs Feature Requests Support
Tooling Documentation This project contains all tooling documentation, including tutorials and presentations, for HL7-supported tools. It also provides "tracker" capability for recording requirements and issues related to the need for new tools. . Tools Requirements Support Requests
UML Tooling This project contains UML modeling tools that support development of HL7 standards. It includes a UML profile for HDF (additional HL7 metadata added to UML models), importing MIF to UML, and Eclipse UI extensions for HL7 modeling. Bugs Feature Requests Support Requests
V2 and V3 Mapping Tools Eclipse-based tools for semantic mapping and data transformation, with extensions for HL7 V2 and V3. They can map, translate and test HL7 V2 to other data formats, or V3 to other data formats, or V2 - V3 in either direction. Bugs Feature Requests Support Requests
Vocabulary Tools A graphical user interface to allow users to browse, search, and edit the contents of the HL7 vocabulary by creating machine processable vocabulary change events (i.e. Harmonization Proposals). Bugs Feature Requests Support Requests
Web Widget This web widget component enables XML-based authoring of Healthcare standards payloads. It simplifies the buildup of HL7 markup for V3 based rich text, namely <hl7:text> element, and better enables richer web applications based on Ajax and XForms. Bugs Feature Requests Support Requests
XML Publication Process HL7's Publishing Process is undergoing transition to be able to produce a complete specification, validate offline in a WYSIWYG presentation and then contribute to a integrated publishing process to produce a ballot level specification and normative edition. This project will track progress toward that target Bugs Feature Requests Support

Tooling Requirements Gathering

Requests for new tools should be added to this wiki page


To add a requirement for consideration by the committee edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email the Tooling List Service (

Requirement Template:
  1. enter requirement
    • Source: enter your name and email address
    • Submitted on: enter the date of your submission
    • Committee Comments: leave blank
    • Status: Entered (Received, etc)


    • Source:
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