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Setup Instructions

The section that talks about importing CoreMIFs (point 3 on page 9) should have the explicit mention of the Core MIF versions included in the plugin. A description of what 'included with the plugin means" would also be helpful. Note: once I have imported CoreMIFs, can I then update them? Add further DT files? Perhaps these question go below.

Test notes

Attempted creation of a new project using the Core MIF from the Canadian MR2009 delta 2 release. Note these are MIF 2.1.3 and expected errors. However the process failed with a Java exception that did not indicate the an incorrect version of MIF was used. This is basic error checking functionality.

After causing the above exception there appears no way to do anything further with the project. Is this true? Do you only get one shot and then return to square one?

Recognizing that it is possible for users to do all sort of incomprehensible things, I get the following in when I try to create a new diagram in the failed project:

Unhandled exception: org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Resource '/test/rim.xhl7' does not exist.

I think this exception should be handled far more gracefully than dumping the above to the error log. (please don't tell me "if you knew what you were doing, you wouldn't do that")

Next selected New HL7 Diagram from the File->New. Selected a series of unusual option. Creation failed (expected). No error dialog appeared (NOT expected). Need to peruse the error log to find the error Unable to create model and diagram

  • Note: is it actually valid to select NO_VALUE for sub-section, domain and artefact?

I believe it will be very difficult to support a tool that does not provide at least a minimal level of error trapping for users.