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Template and Value Set OID Assignment

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Dec 18, 2008 SDWG Teleconference Minutes:

- new codeSystem OID - has to be obtained by a Vocab co-chair.

- no current bulk load process. (Cecil will send Bob a spreadsheet template; Bob will work with Doug and others to gather SDWG template and value set OIDs; Cecil will bulk load)

- where we find pending OIDs, potential duplicates, or OIDs that appear to be off the wrong branch, avoid use and raise with Vocab (e.g. search for "HCPCS" - which to use?).

- no current capability to "protect" a branch (in the value set and template branches) - would need to be raised with Vocab.

- Identifier OIDs - type 4. - External value sets - type 13. - Templates - type 10.

- SDWG value sets should branch off of 2.16.840.1.113883.11.20. (2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.20, which was used for several IGs including CCD, is now deprecated).

- SDWG template should branch off of 2.16.840.1.113883.10.20.

- MOTION: SDWG will, retrospectively and going forward, store all value set and template OIDs in the HL7 OID registry.

o For both SDWG value sets and templates, Ted recommends investigating the OID registry auto-generation functionality.

OID types 1 - OID for an HL7 Internal Object HL7 registered internal objects (other than published documents and organizational bodies)

2 - OID for an HL7 Body or Group HL7 organizational bodies and groups

3 - Root to be a Registration Authority External groups that have been issued an HL7 OID root for their own use

4 - OID for a Registered Namespace Registered externally maintained identifier systems and namespaces

5 - OID for an HL7 Internal Code System HL7 Internal Code Systems

6 - OID for an External Code System Registered external coding systems (with an HL7 issued OID)

7 - OID for an HL7 Document HL7 published documents (standards, tutorial slides, implementation guides, databases, published RIM graphic billboards, etc)

8- OID for an HL7 Documentation Artifact HL7 OID registered documentation products and artifacts

9 - OID for an HL7 Conformance Profile HL7 Registered conformance profiles

0 HL7 Root HL7 Root OID

12 - OID for an Version 2.x Table HL7 Version 2.x tables as code systems

10 - OID for an HL7 Template HL7 Registered Templates

11 - OID for an HL7 Internal Value Set HL7 defined and registered Value Sets

19 - OID for a published HL7 Example HL7 Examples Root used for published examples; meaningless identifier, not to be used for any actual entities

13 - OID for an External Value Set Externally authored and curated Value Sets, HL7 registered