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Generic Publishing Representation content for SAIF Serializable Information models.
         Only the content appearing below in black font will appear in the inclusion.
These elements are intended to appear under the following section:

Publishing Representation(s)

  1. The primary distribution of these information model artifacts SHALL be in the form of an XML file formatted according to the HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF schemas).
  2. Near-term (2011-12) supplemental distribution formats from the HL7 RMIM Designer:
    1. Visio (*.vsd) file for the artifact
    2. RMIM Designer XML file for the artifact
    3. Graphical representation (.png)
    • Rationale: Support existing tool base.
  3. Ballot representation will be in HTML form derived from the MIF file and a Publication Database by V3 Publishing and the V3 Generator to include:
    1. Defining properties and a "walk-through" of the model as defined in a Publication Database
    2. Graphical Representation in PNG
    3. A "Clickable" overlay to the graphic to hyper-link to a complete HTML representation of the selected element
    4. A "Table view" and an Excel spreadsheet of the classes, attributes and class-equivalents that make up the model
    5. An HTML rendering of the Schema for this model as derived from the V3 Generator
    6. Hyperlinks to both the generated schema file (.xsd) and the MIF file (.mif)