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Generic Tooling Considerations content for SAIF Information models.
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Tooling Considerations

The following defines the ideal tool for use in creating these artifacts. The rationale for these elements is expressed in the "Rationale" sub-section of the "Artifact Technology" section above.

Ideal model creation tool for this artifact

Would be a UML Modeling tool that has been customized to:

  1. Capture and represent the HL7-defined properties that are applicable to this model
  2. Able to "read" and "write" the content in MIF format
    1. Including the graphic layout of the model
  3. Able to define and document:
    1. Entry Points
    2. Common model (CMET) references
    3. Other model references, and
    4. "Stub" classes
  4. Able to enforce derivation constraints on the model using the RIM and Vocabulary Model (from MIF files) to configure these constraints dynamically
  5. Able to configure the tool user interface using the RIM, Vocabulary Model and Interface Model (CMET file), provided as MIF files) to provide selections that are proper constraints and/or content from, these key derivation sources.
  6. Able to represent the graphic expressing on model classes using the HL7 Static Model BNF Grammar