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Generic requirements for SAIF Information models.
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Requirements, Relationships and Content

  1. This type of model MUST include the set of classes, attributes and associations from the parent (derived from) model that represent the information needed to support interoperability in the domain or project that this model will support.
    1. RationaleDerived Models must use the RIM-derived model content needed to support the interoperability project in question.
  2. This model MUST maintain a degree of abstraction appropriate to the level of the model, remembering that models derived from this model can be more specific.
    1. Rationale Large models with myriad classes may obscure the core patterns and concepts that need to be represented in a particular DIM, SIM or other model.
  3. This model must include (or be accompanied by) a "design walk-through" that documents the function of each class and "class-equivalent" (see Content section below) in all models, and each attribute in SIMs.
    1. Rationale Such walk-throughs are critical to the understanding of an information model, and are required as part of the ballot for such models.