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Technology Matrix Cell Transitions

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Closed - the technology matrix has its uses; documentation of best practices will always cross cells. This avenue of documentation is no longer pursued by RIMBAA.


  • Document/describe (for all possible cell transations in the Technology Matrix) how those steps could be supported/achieved.


  • Suggestion was made (during the Orlando WGM) to describe the problem-space (type of problem) as well as the path itself. That to determine if different problem spaces lead to different paths through the technology matrix.

Transitions in Dimension 1

Persistent RepresentationObject RepresentationSerialized Representation
RIM (generic) ModelRPRORS (XML ITS new!)
RIM Constrained Information ModelCPCOCS (XML ITS)
Application Specific ModelAPAOAS

The following transitions were deemed to be worthwile of our description:

  • RP-RO
    • RO<->RP: ORM software, e.g. Hibernate, JPA
  • RO-RS
  • CP-CO
  • CO-CS
  • AO-CO
  • CO-RO
  • AO-RO
  • AS-CS
  • AS-RS
  • CS-RS

Note that diagonal cell transitions (e.g. CO to RS) were decided always to involve (however minimalistically) the adjacent *O square (in this example: RO). Therefore diagonal transitions won't be documented/analysed.

Transitions in Dimension 2

Processing/Business LogicObject RepresentationUser Interface

The PL-*O transition issue is described on another wiki page: Processing Logic in RIMBAA Applications.

Some thoughts about the UI is discussed on User Interface for RIMBAA Applications.