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Technical correction: Fix use of Act DEF in MFMI

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The current MFMI (Master File/Registry ControlAct Wrapper) D-MIM contains an ActDefinition class which is used to convey the type of RegistrationProcess (and indirectly: the type of payload that is being registered, or the type of Master File). The use of attributes in the ActDefinition class is incorrect.


As shown by the note is used to identify the coding system (master file catalog, the OID of a Vocabulairy Domain or a Value Set), and ActDefinition.code the code (code from a code system, + codeSystem OID).

The use of to identify the master file catalog conflicts with the RIM definition of

This material has normative status, and has been published in 2 normative editions.

Suggested Correction

Changes to MFMI documentation (walkthru):

  • identifies an Act which represents (for example) "The registration of an Act in an approved act category according to Dutch Act Registry rules".
  • The ActDefinition.code attribute contains the type of registration, loosly speaking a categorization of the type of payload. Values could include (using Dutch examples) medication, allergy, image report, ...

Changes to the model (next release, not bacwards compatible)

  • Change cardinality of code to 0..1 instead of 1..1 for those use-case where a reference to is sufficient.