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Product Strategy

  • Need to know what the product strategy is, for purposes of allocating resources to priority projects
    (i.e. secretarial support from HQ for selected projects)
  • Seeking clarity about what we produce including things that go beyond the direct representation of data
    (messaging, documents, services),
  • We need an account of what we are selling
    (different levels of membership, WGMs, education, bookstore items, Services in return for Contracts/Grants),
  • We need to understand what we intend to sell in the future.

  • There is clearly a need for a Product Strategy that:
    1. describes future (versions of) products that HL7 expects to have
    2. describes how the lists of current and future products are maintained
    3. Includes a description of the stakeholders (users, customers, and others) for HL7 products, present and future.

  • Charlie McCay participating on proposal for reviewing actrelationship codes, with the suggestion that this is something strategic that HL7 should do — and we currently do not have a process for dealing with such 'strategic product recommendations', because we do not have criteria for what is a 'strategic' development.
  • Is a 'strategic development' something that will result in
    • more members,
    • more WGM attendees,
    • widespread adoption,
    • happy National Initiatives,
    • or what?
  • How do we balance these different outcomes to choose where to actively promote projects?

  • Under a Board initiative, Stan Huff reviewing product strategy around V2, V3, and CDA Messaging.
    first draft proposal scheduled for January 2010
    not planning to review CCOW, EHR-FM, or other non-messaging products.
  • Suggestion: Marketing report from April 2009, Messaging product review by Stan in Jan 2010, to inform a board funded product strategy development by May 2010.
  • Suggestion: Tweet a link to a product page (once it’s developed) when it’s released. When do we 'release' a product into the system? Should be after consensus ballot has been held. Needs to communicate the general understanding.
  • We need to have an intuitive way to place new standards in the Product List structure.
  • We would like to be tracking adoption also, currently as well as closer to 2014 mandates. How can we prepare for someday tracking who is using our standards, and where…
  • Further evaluation efforts would include how to track how many people enter the product list, and end up buying from the bookstore? (perhaps through a Ref link?) Then track if they become members? How to tie back to revenue and membership…
  • The survey should target visitors, with a lesser focus on members/co chairs, where visitors to the web site can choose to participate. It will be ideally launched from non-members pages, looking for meaningful use criteria standards e.g. This may require Cookie tracking on web site visitors to determine if it’s a member or non-member (logged in).

Product Categories for Project Scope Statement

  1. Need to know what the list of products should be for the top of the Project Scope Statement as new projects are defined.

'Branding' our non-messaging projects- use of V3 Normative Edition

  • Seeking the use of a naming convention for ballots that better reflects the different paradigms for our work.
  • How do we define our IP regarding Services standards; should they be available to purchase separately?
  • Is the Intellectual Property the 'whole standard', or artifacts contained in an existing standard? (see John Quinn powerpoint Generic Products Across SDOs)
  • Healthcare, Community Services and Provider directory raised a question on how HL7 will 'brand' our services projects in the use of a naming convention for ballots. I noted on the current ballot the title 'HL7 Version 3 Standard: Identification Service(IS), Release 1'. Does it make sense to have all service specifications considered a part of V3? Should they have their own 'edition'?
  • SOA’s projects and, because they’re services models and specifications, none of them have a standards family sort of 'prefix' in the project name (see SOA Project List), like 'HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide: xyz' or 'HL7 Version 3 Domain Analysis Model xyz'. We have Messaging V2 and V3 families, Documents CDA (R1 and R2) families; should we have a separate family name for Services? Should they be prefaced with SOA?