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Talk:HTC Tools Roadmap

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Tooling Committee --

  1. Need to reflect Dynamic Model design. -- DONE
  2. Need to include the publishing process, hanging off the artifact repository -- DONE
  3. Need "equivalent" tool to PubDb for capturing dynamic model and requirements documentation -- DONE
  4. GWB - amend diagram and add text to various bullet lists -- DONE
  5. JC to do bullet list to summarize boxes in diagram.
  6. Everyone else - review/improve

Interim Meeting --

  1. Does the roadmap support implementers of the standard as well as developers -- if so make the tools effective for both
    1. Answer - YES, that has been a Tooling Committee and HTC intent from the beginning
  2. Should Artifact Repository also contain "generated" artifacts (specifically schemas)
    1. Does publishing them imply end-users should edit schemas - no consensus
  3. Should There be a relationship between Vocabulary Management tools and Dynamic Model Designer? What are the vocabulary requirements of the DMD, if any?