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This page lists the tasks to be completed by work groups in preparation for the second DSTU release of FHIR. The tentative schedule for this release is as follows:

  • Sept 29th
    • All WGs doing FHIR work have Project Scope Statements defining their scope for the next DSTU release completed and in progress through the publication cycle. This will likely require new PSSs or modifications of existing PSSs.
    • All WGs developing new resources or developing profiles other than CCDA R2 profiles have submitted resource proposals or profile proposals to the FMG describing their intended work
  • Oct 15th
    • All PSSs are approved
    • All resource & profile proposals have been finalized and approved and placeholders exist in SVN for all new work
    • WG editors have a functioning SVN build environment
  • Dec 5
    • All content intended for inclusion DSTU 2 is complete in at least draft form and ready for Draft for Comment ballot
  • Jan 15
    • Draft for Comment results available, reconciliation begins
  • Mar 22
    • Previously published resources meet the DSTU 2 QA guidelines (work groups have signed off the resources in the QA tracking Google sheet)
    • New resources are complete, ready for QA and also signed off in the QA tracking Google sheet
    • DEFERRED until post DSTU ballot: Profiles have been defined for all WG resources needed to cover CCDA 1.1 (2nd tab)
    • All tracker items have either been identified has having changes deferred to a subsequent release or have had those changes applied
    • FHIR "build" is clean and produces no error or warning messages
  • Last 1.5 weeks of March
    • DSTU QA process
  • April 3, 2015
    • DSTU ballot opens
  • May 4, 2015
    • DSTU Ballot closes
  • August 31, 2015
    • FHIR Core reconciliation complete and final content ready for QA
  • Sept 7, 2015
    • IG reconciliation complete and final content ready for QA
  • Sept 14, 2015
    • QA complete
  • ~ 3rd week of Sept, 2015
    • DSTU 2 is published