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September 2009 WGM Agenda CBCC Wednesday Q4

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group


  1. Suzanne Gonzales-Webb
  2. Ray Krasinski
  3. Nancy LeRoy
  4. Rob McClure
  5. Harry Rhodes
  6. Richard Thoreson co-chair
  7. Serafina Versaggi Scribe
  8. Max Walker co-chair

Unfinished Project Planning

  • SWOT
  • SWOT updates finalized during this session. Updated version will be placed on the CBCC Wiki site and on GForge
    • SWOT document
    • Risk Assessments: eliminate some of the barriers that prevent a project from moving forward; reign in the scope instead of working on things that will never be productive; mitigate the project’s risks
    • Security Work Group is working on a process for Risk Assessment. Other Work Groups can request advice on Security risks to their projects. The Security Work Group will assign someone to help
    • Risk Assessment Process: writing down risks and their mitigation strategy helps to keep common sense approaches in the forefront of the project planning process and allows things to be re-prioritized in the event the likelihood of a risk occurring goes up as changes to the environment occur
  • Three-Year Plan
    • Three-Year plan updated during this session and will be placed on the CBCC Wiki site and on GForge
    • Need to add timelines to the spreadsheet – will be done offline, reviewed and approved during an upcoming conference call
      • Ioana: please insert the updated 3-Year Plan

Suzanne: Motion to adjourn meeting

  • Seconded by Max

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM EST. No significant decisions or motions made

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