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Sept 26 -

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Attendees: Rob Hausem Emma Jones Geroge Dixon Mike Padula Ron Verd Stepphen Chu Tom Kuhn Laura Heermann Alise Widmer


More discussion on the format and structure, timing of the event (with or without the weekend connectathon)

Perhaps have the newbie track tutorial as a formal tutorial and it is mandatory to attend the clinicians on FHIR event.

Proposal – George/Russ Keep on the last Friday Structure the event with more formalized use cases etc. Have the technical results come to the Friday event for review Have the newbies tutorial the day before

Discussion: Be sure to advertise the change in the event. Need to have a policy or process of dealing with those who show up. They must go to the training prior the Friday testing event.

Be sure to email the prerequisite of the event out and put it in the meeting announcement – with the registration.

We need to get the tutorial set up with HQ.

Abstain = 0, oppose = 0, passes unanimously.

Russ will reach out to the HQ re: the need for the tutorial –

How to structure the event: Stephen – even if you have a big group at a table- splitting into smaller groups and testing smaller components and stitch them up into a coherent story may work better then all trying to test the same story/whole picture. Limit the groups to smaller sizes – 2-3.

Laura – storyboard snippets (like John Hatem suggests) do seem to work the best. Asking Simple questons:

Next week – start with more brainstorming on how the structure should work.