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Sept 11, 2013 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (chair and scribe)
  • Rob Savage
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HQ)
  • Sharon Chaplock (HQ)
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Patrick Loyd


Project Review


  • SAIF Webinar - no update
    • PSS was approved
    • Tutorial Specification will be ready by WGM
  • UML
    • JD working on tutorial development - Patrick will remind him to send slides by Cambridge WGM


  • Begin discussion of policies and procedures needed by Education WG - Patrick

Online Certification Testing

  • Status - Sharon
    • have 11 registered or completed using CBT
    • will be offering online testing at WGM

Agenda for Cambridge

Cambridge Education WGM Agenda

Action:  Asked everyone to review and comment

Education Lunch Planning

  • Discussion of Agenda items
    • Tutorial Grid for January 2014
    • Webinar Topics for the Future
    • Requirements for "Developing and Delivering an HL7 Tutorial" -
      • Education Portal
      • In Person
    • Education Portal
      • Any questions or discussion

Action Item Followup

Education Action List

  • see updates on Action List Page

Education Portal

  • Status - will be announced at Cambridge Plenary

Education Outreach - Kenya

  • Status - this is an outstanding task

eLearning update (Diego)

  • HL7 Brazil's course has just ended. They included a weekly guest with a web conference, speaking about selected topics, and a fourth CDA week with additional materials prepared by Diego about CDA R2 and IHE Labs.
  • HL7 International’s 2nd edition for 2013 began in August 2013 with 319 students.
    • This course includes a number of students from various countries in South Asia, thanks to a grant from WHO (Asian Pacific branch)
  • Spanish language edition will begin September 29, 2013. It is expected that there will be at least 6 Central American countries represented as Diego Kaminker has been working with Honduras and has arranged to give 2 scholarships to each country including Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Republica Dominicana
  • Electronic List of persons completing the course are available at [ HL7 Fundamentals Course]

Tutorial Planning for January 2014

File:San Antonio Tutorial Grid - January 2014.xlsx

  • only have 3 rooms available in January
  • have removed Mobile Health
  • Track 1 - Version 2 - same as before
  • Track 2 - Version 3 and CDA
  • Track 3 - Special Topics
    • FHIR - doing well
Action:  Reach out to Lloyd to see if they want to make any changes or add any tutorials
    • Introduction to CTS 2
  • QRDA - could be added - Thursday PM - will add but will be confirmed based on Cambridge WGM attendance
    • Added UML tutorial
Action: Patrick to follow up with JD - need to see the slides by Cambridge
Action:  Mary Ann to update and then send out to the Education LIst


  • none

Next meeting

  • Next meeting - September 23rd - Monday Q3 - Cambridge WGM