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Scope of Wrappers R2

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  • Transmission wrapper split (INM/SOA work item) Constrain Transmission Wrapper
  • Transmission Batch topic
  • "ControlAct Batching" (although under a different name)
  • sort out issue of "addressing" in abstract static v3 models. Logical endpoints, system receivers, informationRecipients, etc. Be inspired by established transport frameworks. Transmission Addressing
  • Scope down dynamic model assumptions (these have static model consequences, e.g. in terms of use of the Acknowledgement class)
    • There are lots of open issues ralted to the dynamic model. We recognize that resolution wont be speedy enough to achieve the intended v3 release. Get MnM to make some statements about direction, such as a motion akin to "drop notion of Receiver Responsibilities, will work on new dynamic model. Current documented RR will be normative description of expected dynamic behaviour."
    • Having (or not having) RR has consequences for the need for wrapper specializations.
  • Resolve with pubs committee if we still have to publish the old (deprecated/replaced) R1 artefacts. Some committees don't, others do.
  • Sync with R2 Datatypes - in as far as needed, e.g. for Attachment referencing
  • Need to also create R2 of the control act domains, need to determine what needs to be done
  • Create harmonization proposals (one big one is preferred over loads of small ones)

What are issues that should/can wait for R3?