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This page provides a table of CDA Patient Summary Projects in EU countries

The initial contents were derived from systematic review of the reports from EU affiliates available from the notes from the last 2 Working Group Meetings.

Next steps:

  • Strategy for fleshing out the list
    • email all HL7 EU chairs asking for information and/or to directly update the wiki
    • review EU project websites
    • email EU project contacts

Table of Patient Summary Implementations

Country Project Specification Contact
Austria ELGA: National Health Record

Various CDA implementation guides have been developed and balloted:

  • Common Implementation Guide (basis of all Austrian CDA-documents, Header Specification)
  • Discharge Letter (Physician)
  • Discharge Letter (Nursing)
  • Laboratory Report
  • Diagnostic Imaging Report
  • In preparation: Pathology Report, Microbiology Report

A national Patient Summary is being discussed

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic In development, interest in cooperating with German and Austrian neighbours
Finland Kanta Oral Health CDA specification in development

CDA for ePrescribing in Finland
France CDA is mandated for patient care coordination. XD-LAB has been chosen for lab reports. APSR is required for cancer case AP reports.
Germany eArztbrief
Italy CDA Implementation Guides
  • Lab report
  • Prescribing
  • Patient Summary
  • Header
Netherlands NFU/Nictiz
Spain Various CDA implementation guides have been developed, available on HL7 Spain website.
Switzerland CDA-CH
  • 2002: Swiss translations (and narrowing) of several HL7 V2 user defined tables
  • 2004: Implementation Guide: Patient Admin Interface HL7 V2.4
  • 2004: Z-Segment (ZSA) for PAM Interface, defines values for psychiatry
  • 2004: Z-Segment (ZGI) for PAM Interface, defines values for neotatology
  • 2011: CDA-CH II (V 1.2, de, fr, it, en), basis for Swiss CDA Templates
  • 2013: CDA-CH-LRTP Template for transplantation info (approval pending)
  • 2013: CDA-CH-EDES Implementation guide for emergency discharge report (approval pending)
  • 2013: CDA-CH-MSET Implementation guide for medical emergency data (approval pending)
  • 2013: CDA-? eImmunoDoc: Template for immunization data (in preparation)