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SAIF Editing Crew

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The Services Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) Editing crew consists of:

  • Jane Curry - Crew Chief responsible for coordinating both dedicated and volunteer resources to produce the HL7 SAEAF Book and NCI objectives
  • Karen Smith - HL7 Primary Technical Editor reporting to the ArB
  • Cliff Thompson - volunteer Technical Editor supporting editing of early drafts and concept maps (for phase 1) limited capacity available for phase 2
  • Steve Manning - NCI Technical Editor working on the CaEHR Information Management team responsible for producing reference documentation for NCI ECCF implementation
  • Craig Smith - volunteer technical resource supporting Karen Smith

Update Pages for Crew Members

Please use your update page for recent accomplishments so that this entry page doesn't become too long.

Upcoming Deadlines

This section lists individual work that is nearing completion.

  • Please add any comments to the Discussion page.

Dec 31, 2010

  • Update current DITA files.

Jane Curry

  • Working on dependency of tasks in phase 2 to complete phase 2 project plan.
  • Highest priority is to complete revisions to GF to release draft for external peer review.

Karen Smith

  • Completed the five PowerPoint presentations.
  • Completed the five DITA and SAIF processes training sessions.
  • Completed incorporating the peer review updates for the Intro, ECCF, and BF into the SAIF DITA document.
  • Ran WebHelp and PDF builds and posted the SAIF output to GForge.
  • All done with my HL7 work!
  • Built the SAIF DITA output in PDF and HTML formats and stored them in GForge and SVN.

Steve Manning

oXygen License Signup Sheet

If you need to use the oXygen XML editor to work with DITA or XML, please sign up for one of the three available license keys.

SAIF DITA Publishing Plans for 2010

The following summarizes Ron's conversation with the Publishing group:

  • HL7 Publishing doesn't need to manage the content representation, as this is being done using DITA. They might want to apply some HL7 "branding" but we need to continue to manage the content layout and interrelationships using DITA.
  • The audience would not just be internal, but would be external as well. In other words, available outside the HL7 membership.

They were very appreciative of the heads up and quite happy with the approach. They will treat the SAIF book as equivalent to a Working Group home page in the web framework for HL7. It will be available on the web after the May peer review comments have been incorporated into the DITA document (estimate by Dec).

  • After the May mtg, we will need one more pass through the material to incorporate the feedback from the Peer Review process, and this will be the first formal "published" version of the SAIF Book.

W-I-P Document Review Pages

The following documents are being updated with the peer review comments (11/05/10):

Peer Review Drafts

The peer review Word documents are stored at the following location:

Latest SAIF DITA Builds

If you can't access the SVN location, see the following instructions for accessing SVN or go to the GForge site:

The SAIF DITA builds and documents are stored in SVN and on the GForge site.

GForge Location

(updated 03-03-11)

SVN Location

(updated 03-03-11)

Latest SAIF Word and PowerPoint Documents in SVN

(updated 12-31-10)

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