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SAIF-AD Minutes 20110401

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Minutes of group undertaking Category:SAIF Artifact Definition

Attendees and Minutes

Curry, Quinn, McKenzie, Beeler, Kreisler, Constable, Hausam, Knapp, Loyd

Approved Minutes of 4/18 Beeler/Curry with abstentions

Discussion of Simplified Wire formats (like hdata)

Discussion of Simplified Wire formats and what artifacts are needed to represent them.-

  • Requires (perhaps) a "Simplified Model" Artifact (added to list) as well as a simplified wire format ITS.
  • What is the "packaging specification" for these, a manifest? - answer is another model. Might this be at the Conceptual Level?

[Note: a "manifest" can be derived from a model, but it is not a complete definition thereof.]

Agreed to continue discussion

Responsibilities for Drafting and Initial Draft Deadline for items for 4/8

Agreed to initial responsibilities for non-behavioral artifact definitions. (Initials added to artifact list.) One of them (for each author, indicated initials plus asterisk) is due for 4/8