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SAIF-AD Minutes 20110311

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Minutes of group undertaking Category:SAIF Artifact Definition

Attendees and Minutes

Pech, Curry, Koisch, McKenzie, Constable, Beeler, Hausam, Lario

Approval of minutes of March 4 Beeler/Hausam unanimous.

Discussion (Debate) about Positioning Artifacts in re ECCF

Revealed a distinction between "service-focused" granularity of ECCF and the "need" for a "topic" (or domain) such as PHER Immunization, regardless of what the ultimate "technical solution environment" may be.

Suggestion was that a collection of service-specifications for a "topic" yields an interoperability specification. ("application role" definition and assemblies drive the definition "stacks" in the ECCF.)

The granularity of ECCF is "role"-based. Interoperability specs are assemblies of stack-specified-"roles"

Challenge is that the "work group" or "project" works at the "interoperability specification" level, which the V3 communication standards have called "topics" and have assembled into "domains".

Positioning Artifacts in re ECCF

Expectation (from LM):

All HL7 Artifacts have a position somewhere in the ECCF rows and columns, but not all are problem-specific. Need to declare which of these will be part of solution stacks and which will not. (ergo: not all elements in the ECCF elements need to be used in solution stacks.)

Note: There is a step in going from RIM to an Information Model in a specification that involves conformance to the rules (embodied in an HL7 standard) by which an information model is "properly derived" from the RIM. This concept needs to be captured somewhere in the ECCF documentation.

Consensus Statement

The Conceptual layer aggregates requirements that can then be individually bound by implementations defined in one or more subject stacks.

Summary of HL7 "development" Process:

  • Establish a "Problem Definition"
  • At Conceptual level define requirements and related artifacts for the domain(s) or topic(s) in the problem definition.
  • Choose or define a particular solution stack to solve a particular problem from the Conceptual layer
  • Collect or create the necessary artifacts in the logical and implementable spaces to define the solution

Problem Definition

Is a SAIF artifact that is outside of the ECCF space. For example, the Immunization Problem Definition could yield multiple conceptual topic/subject sets and multiple solution stacks therefor.