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Stack of specifications that support ISCS's

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  1. Reference Information Model (Rim)
  2. Abstract data types (adt)
  3. HL7 Development framework
    1. Message Development framework
    2. Services Development framework
    3. Structured Document Development framework
    4. Electronic Health Record Functional Model
      1. Profile
  4. cpp (Email to Grahame)
  5. Guidance for using vocabulary in information structures(terminfo)
  6. Structured Vocabulary (sv)
  7. dmel
  8. IV (email to Grahame )
  9. Service Specification Methodology


Blueprint Specification Characteristics Examples:

  1. Domain analysis Model(DAM)
  2. Domain Message Information Model(DMIM)
  3. Service Functional Model SFM
  4. Electronic Health Record Functional Model (EHR-FM)

Platform Independent Model

Logical Specification Characteristics Examples:

  1. Refined Message Information models(RMIM)
  2. Templates
  3. CDA lgs
  4. IHE Profiles(parts)
  5. Dynamic Models (Instance)
  6. Logical Service Model

Platform Specific Model

Platform Specification Characteristics Examples:

  1. Implementable/Implementation Technology Specification (ITS)
  2. Serialization models
  3. Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Fragments
  4. Vertical Bar (AKA Version 2, or ER7) (VBAR)

Platform Instance


  1. Full WSDLs
  2. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  4. Lower Level Protocol (LLP)

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