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Role Role A role is a collector for the behavior of a party needed to carry out its responsibilities according to a community contract. A specific name is given to the explicit set of responsibilities that identifies the competence of an organization, a person or an automated component acting as an agent, to perform specified actions. The set of responsibilities may include actions that have been delegated from a higher authority. Behavior is further refined into specific actions that may become operations in an automated system.

Figure 6: Governance Framework

  • is the identification or specification of a party (for example, person, system, or component) associated with a particular capability, capacity, or competency. A given instance of a party may play more than one role, and multiple instances of a party may assume the same role. A role instance usually asserts itself and is verified by another role instance.
  • [BF] A unique identifier that characterizes some behavior. A role defines the behavior of the objects within the community. ([RM-ODP)
  • [peer review comment] A role is a coherent set of evocable behaviors.

Tony Julian 19:53, 27 October 2011 (UTC)

Ref:SAIF-CD Figure 8: BF Language concepts and relationships for describing contract semantics

  • Commissioning role
  • Responsible Role

Ref:SAIF-CD Figure 9: BF language concepts and relationships for describing contract semantics

  • Commissioning agent
  • Responsible agent.