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Review of Shared Messages Masking Topic

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

Review of Shared Messages Masking Topic

Opened  20060701
Assigned to: Michael Van Campen
Was action item 1084 

Ask Security and/or EHR amd/or MR/IM TC to review the Masking shared messages topic, there may be regulatory issues, wording needs to be in sync with other parts of HL7.

  • 20060701, ?, new, shared messages
    • Added as a result of shared messages ballot reconciliation.
  • 20060912 WGM – documented in ballot with shared message item.
    • If dealing with anonymization/pseudonymization, there is normative work in TC215 (passed, in resolution). Recommend deferring this discussion pending result from ISO. Addresses drugs, devices, etc in addition to people
    • Continue OPEN. Glenn will work with Canadian project to provide info on TC215 work and will report back on TC215 as information is available. Assigned item to Glenn
  • 20070110 WGM: Michael to check this issue with Glenn
  • 20070502 WGM: Open. Garry checked this; Michael will confirm that no issues were found.
  • 20080114 WGM: Scott will Ping Michael.
  • 20080414 Scott: email query sent to Michael
  • 20100120 : In discussions with DOD/VA, masking will be removed from Shared messages in next iteration. Tony/Sandy 3-0-0