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Restarting of set IDs

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

Chap 2 statement on restarting set IDs

Opened: 24-Jan-05
Old Item: 203
Assigned: Tony Julian?

For Version 2.7, add language to Chapter 2 to the effect that CQ does not express an opinion at this time on the restarting of set IDs relative to groups or message.

  • 24-Jan-05 , Tony Julian , Open , V2
    • INM WGM Orlando: Motion approved 20050506: edit needs to be done in 2.7
  • 26-Aug-05 , Tony Julian , Open , V2
    • 20050826: Larson: this item needs a proposal submitted to the v2 database and then it can be closed.
  • 28-NOV-05,Tony Julian,Reviewed,V2,20051128 This cannot be done until V2.7 is opened.
  • 20060508 InM WGM San Antonio: Tony Julian, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 No change – cannot do anything until V2.7 opens for development.
  • 2007-04-30 Koln WGM - started accepting v2.7 proposals, but need to wait for final v2.6 chapters to work on specific wording.
  • 20070726 Scott: v2.6 chapters are in final editing
  • 20080114:WGM: Will be handled as the committee edits v2.7. Action Item to remain open until V2.7 chapter 2 is approved.