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Resolve use of structure code

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

Resolve use of structure code

Opened 20060914
Assigned to: Scott Robertson
Was action item 1103

Resolve use of structure code in depracated messages with ARB, version 2

  • V2.6 Ballot, Item 180: Regarding the MFR_M01, the entire set of MFQ/MFR transaction pairs were deprecated as of v2.5. We have several dilemmas. The UAC segment should not have been added. The balloter is correct that the message structure has been applied to messages with different structures. In addition to MFR_M01, there should have been MFR_M02 etc. However, this was not evident in v2.5 and earlier versions because the message structure was not explicitly delineated until the v2.6 ballot. We appear to be digging ourselves into a deeper hole by applying changes to deprecated messages.
  • 14-Sep-06 Opened. Tony to take to ARB as a huge mess. Defer to telcon until we have a response.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open - ARB did not meet.
  • 2006-11-13 Open, but may have been resolved. Scott to check with Joann.
  • 20080114: The UAC segment was removed, and resolution of the structure changes was in V2.6. CLOSED