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Requirements-Code System Supplements

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A code system supplement is an artifact that adds additional capabilities to a code system without introducing new concepts or codes. Supplements might be used to provide foreign language translations, capture additional properties for codes within a code system to be used for analysis or value set creation or capture relationships from a concepts in one code system to another. Supplements are used when it's not possible to make the changes in the original code system, either because of the unwillingness/inability of the code system maintainer or because the supplementary information wouldn't be of general use.

A key aspect of supplements is that a recipient of a code does not need to have any knowledge of the supplement in order to process the received code.

Requirement A code system supplement must have a globally unique id.
Rationale Supplements will need to be able to be referenced by value set definitions and conformance profiles. Lack of a globally unique id can lead to collision issues.
Methodology mif-vocabulary-model.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/@supplementId

Requirement Code system supplements must identify the code system they are supplementing
Rationale A supplement applies to only one code system. A supplement is useless if you don't know what code system it applies to
MIF mif-vocabulary-model.xsd/VocabularyModel

Requirement There's a need to know if a particular code system supplement is intended to be realm-specific or is intended to be generic
Rationale Like code systems, some supplements are intended by their construction to apply to a particular jurisdiction or area of healthcare. For example, Canada maintains a supplement of the LOINC code system that adds a property indicating which codes are considered to be orderable. This property would not necessarily be applicable in other realms.
MIF Issue

At present this is not populated, but the requirement still exists.

MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/@primaryRealm

Requirement Code system supplements may have a number of different types of annotations
Rationale See rationales for individual annotations types

Requirement The types of relationships, representations and properties supported by a code system supplement must be able to be defined.
Rationale The whole purpose of a code system supplement is to introduce additional relationships, representations and/or properties. Just like code systems, the types allowed (or required) need to be defined by the code supplement to allow for proper validation during editing.
Methodology Refer to these areas in CodeSystem for more details on the contents of these constructs:
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/supportedRelationship
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/supportedProperty
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/supportedRepresentation

Supplement version

Requirement Code system supplements must support versioning
Rationale Just like code systems, the supplemental data available in a code system supplement will change over time. This change needs to be managed and users of a supplement need to reference it as it was at a particular time to allow consistent determination of value sets
MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplement/codeSystemVersionSupplement

Requirement Releases of a code system supplement must be able to be uniquely referenced within the context of the supplement. They must also indicate the date on which they are effective.
Rationale Code system supplements will need to be referenced within value sets. With static bindings, there's also a need to know the most recent version of a supplement as of a particular date
MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/@releaseDate

Requirement Releases of a code system supplement must indicate what release of the code system they are based on.
Rationale Different versions of a code system will have different codes. Seeing as a supplement must reference the codes it's associating additional information with, it's important to know what what version of the code system will have the appropriate codes
MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/@appliesToReleaseDate

Requirement Code system supplement versions share some of the same requirements as code system versions, specifically the need to:
  • indicate HL7 approval,
  • indicate HL7 maintenance
  • identify version ids assigned by the publisher
  • identify terminology servers
  • identify which languages are supported
Rationale The rationale's given for these properties under code system also apply here. All of these elements can be different than the values of the underlying code system. For example, HL7 might maintain and approve the code system, but not the supplement. Similarly the languages supported by the supplement may differ from those of the code system. Refer to Version-specific Information for the rationale for each of these elements
MIF Issue

At the moment, HL7 doesn't maintain or approve any code system supplements.

  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/@hl7Approvedindicator
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/@hl7MaintainedIndicator
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/@publisherVersionId
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/publicTerminologyServer
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/supportedLanguage

Requirement Code system supplement versions may have a number of different types of annotations
Rationale See rationales for individual annotations types

Concept Supplement

Requirement A Code System Supplement Version must allow capturing supplements for individual concepts
Rationale That's the purpose of a code system supplement
MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/CodeSystemSupplementVersion/conceptSupplement

Requirement Concept supplements must reference the concept being supplemented
Rationale A supplement isn't terribly useful otherwise . . . :>
MIF mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/ConceptSupplement/concept

Requirement Concept supplements must be able to define concept relationships, properties and representations.
Rationale The purpose of a supplement is to define concept relationships, properties and representations not part of the original code system.
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/ConceptSupplement/supplementalConceptRelationship
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/ConceptSupplement/supplementalConceptProperty
  • mif-model-vocabulary.xsd/ConceptSupplement/supplementalConceptRepresentation

Requirement Each supplemented concept may have a number of different types of annotations
Rationale See rationales for individual annotations types. The provision of supplemental annotations may be one of the purposes of the supplement.