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Request from HL7 Sweden

The following motion has been made related to a request for sponsorship from HL7 Sweden

  • Motion by Philip Scott (HL7 UK) seconded by Robert Stegwee (HL7 Netherlands): that the International Council approve the expenditure of $2,500 USD to enable the printing of the Conference Proceedings for the pHealth conference to be held June 2-4, 2015 in Västeras, Sweden as requested by Mikael Wintell.
  • This vote will stay open until February 20, 2015 – please reply to this message with your vote prior to that date.

Information and Background

Extract from request from HL7 Sweden

  • The pHealth 2015 Conference will be held on 2-4 June 2015 in Västeras, Sweden. Since 2004, the pHealth series has evolved to an interdisciplinary event by covering technological and biomedical facilities, legal, ethical, social, and organizational requirements and impacts as well as necessary basic research for enabling advanced and future proof care paradigms for mobile and personalized health. It combines medical services with public health, prevention, social and elderly care, wellness and personal fitness to establish participatory, predictive, personalized, preventive, and effective care settings.
    • As HL7 plays an important role in the technical topic areas of the conference the event is co-organized by HL7 Sweden and EFMI, where HL7 is an Institutional Member of. Organizing such a conference is always an expensive venture. Therefore we would kindly ask HL7 and the International Council for a financial support of 2500 $ to support that conference by printing the proceedings.

Further information from Bernd Blobel during discussion period

  • Regarding the discussion of using the money I have to clarify thatthe Studies in Health Technology and Informatics are published in paper and electronically you have to pay per copy in most of the acknowledged electronic journals such as AMIA, IEEE, etc. even in truly Open Access journals authors have to pay preparation fee (1,500.00 to 2,500.00 $ per article), which would accumulate to 60,000.00 for a publication like the pHealth book for the rank and visibility of this publication, the price is quite low The four points clearly demonstrate that moving to electronic publication with the same benefits for HL7 wouldn't save money, but the money spent here is a good investment for HL7.

Result of Vote

  • The motion to approve the request for funding from HL7 Sweden was carried with 24 votes registered. Affirmative 24, Abstain 0, Negative 0, No Vote 12.
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