Regulated Product Submission Release 2 (RPS R2) Conceptual Model

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RPS Release 2 Conceptual Model

Entity Relationship Diagram

The following diagram reflects discussions on RPS Release 2. Please add your comments to the discussion tab of this page.


BRIDG Domain Model

The BRIDG model is a multi-domain class diagram in Unified Modeling Language. As with the ERD, please add your comments on the discussion tab of this page.


  • RPS R2 BRIDG Model Media:BRIDG model_RPS R2.pdf (classes and relationships reflecting discussions as of October 21, 2008) This is a working diagram that notes suggested new classes in pink and describes other changes in notes.
  • RPS R1 BRIDG Model Media:BRIDG model_RPS R1.pdf (classes and relationships currently in the BRIDG standard model) Note: This diagram is not the agreed upon BRIDG Model by the RPS project