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RPS Threaded Discussions

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This would entail providing the ability to keep track of individual questions or issues, and the responses and comments from all interested parties.

Example – and this may be more detail than is needed, but shows an example of probably the most we would ever want to do

  • A sponsor sends a submission unit (#1)
  • For instance, an agency may have twelve questions or comments, relating to five documents in a submission unit, returned in submission unit #2. Each comment/question is assigned a “tracking id” and has a status of “open”.
  • The sponsor may provide answers to eight of those questions in submission unit #3, and indicate that other questions will be answered in a later submission unit. Some of those answers have links to new versions of documents, others merely have text clarifying issues. The sponsor links each answer to an agency question in submission unit #2.
  • In submission unit #4, the agency then agrees that five of those answers close the issue, the status for those questions are “closed”; ; comments are provided on the other three
  • A concerned member state then adds comments to four of the questions

Requirement: Message standard provides ability to identify a submission unit containing actionable questions/comments and/or responses to the actionable items [Needs further definition as to whether the question/comment is part of the message or merely a pointer to a file containing the question/comment/response]

Requirement: Message standard provides ability to assign a status to each of the actionable questions/comments