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RIMBAA 200901 WGM Agenda

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"RIMBAA in Floridaa"

In Vancouver we had some excellent exploratory presentations by RIMBAA implementers - now it's time to RIMBAA in Floridaa - i.e. to determine how RIMBAA fits within the HL7 Architecture Framework (SAEAF), how it impacts HL7, the HDF and maybe even the RIM.

Rimbaa in floridaa 500.gif

Monday Q3 (13:45-15:00) Technical med.gif

  • Approval of agenda for the week, minutes of the last WGM
  • Note: Peter Hendler won't be present dusing this WGM.
  • RIMBAA project/product presentation

Monday Q4 (15:30-17:00) Technical med.gif

  • RIMBAA project/product presentation

Tuesday Q6 (19:30-21:00 - after Neotool) Business-Icon.jpg

  • A brainstorm type discussion about how RIMBAA applications fit within the HL7 SAEAF framework
    • RIMBAA is a bit of an oddball implementers group, working on an area that's historically outside of the scope of HL7.. but is it really? It uses the products of the HDF like any of the supported "interoperability paradigms" - it'll be interesting to discuss the implications of including it within the scope of HL7 and its architecture framework.
    • Should RIMBAA be part of the architecture framework? Is it already part of the framework?
    • Should HL7 change its mission to be about application architectures? Why, or why not?

Subjects for Discussion

  • How to do a Connectathon? Or we could do a connecthathon.
    • Can we test the exchange of serialized RIM-based instances between RIMBAA applications?
  • Database with ISO datatypes
    • If we define the ISO datatypes as User Defined Datatypes - what are the advantages? How would this be combined with ORM solutions?
  • RIMBAA Reference Architecture
    • What would this look like?
    • What is the relationship with the EHR-SD RM (System Design Reference Model) and H-SOA-RA?
    • Practical Guide for SOA in Health Care A real-world approach to planning, designing, and deploying SOA
  • Generated SQL database and mapping rules
  • A CIM DIM ;-)
    • Can we create a SOA Common Information Model?
    • Michael vd Zel: We (UMCG) use something very similar to Clinical Document R-MIM, only with multiple entry points, more from the Clinical Statement, ergo DIM. I heard there are harmonisation efforts to update the Clinical Statement part of the Clinical Document with the Clinical Statement work done in Care Provision.
  • Best practices generating code using the informative schemas. For Java & .Net & others? (See discussion in the tooling list on "XML Binding Frameworks")
    • Schema improvement project 2008NE (March?) - XML Binding Frameworks
    • Have classes/CMETs extend each other. E.g. Observation extends Act, PatientLite extend PatientIdentified etc.
    • Make this a joined effort with Xml schema enhancement