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R2 XML ITS datatypes

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See Data Types R2 issues for abstract data type issues.


XML Representation of collection type and nullFlavor (DAT-001)

XML Representation of SLIST (DAT-002)

Because HL7 UIDs are case sensitive, for use with HL7, the hexadecimal digits A-F in UUIDs must be converted to upper case. – what does this mean for ITS – clarify that ITS can use lowercase (DAT-003)

Type substitutability rules in schema may not match those in the abstract spec. Is SET<ST> specialisable to IVL<SC> (DAT-004)

Regarding the text "must conform to either of the XML Schema data types decimal or double". I have always assumed that REAL values could have an arbitrary number of decimal digits (just link INT) but it doesn't say that anywhere. While xs:decimal does allow an arbitrary number of digits, implementations are allowed to say "I can't handle anything more than 18 digits". Is this a problem? (DAT-005)

What to do about xsi:type on RTO implementations (and why isn’t RTO in the generics) (DAT-006)

which XML attributes can be used (xml:base) (DAT-007)

Address name parts should be of type SC (DAT-008)

(section 4.3.1) surely an R2 issue, but shouldn't the name "Sub-Expression" be harmonized with "comp"? This is the only case of an element/attribute in the ITS having no relation to the name of a property. (DAT-009)

Implementation of GTS frequency code (DAT-010)

It's not possible to state that a home phone number for a patient is not known using the TEL datatype (DAT-011)

The ITS representation of datatype flavor. (Not solely an ITS problem, but it's one we should try to address in R2.(DAT-012)