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Query Stub

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Action Item 1087: 20060915 WGM: Lloyd opposes this, wrappers exist for consistency. Occasionally there are reasons for committees to constrain sort or QBP class. Close issue, the 2 wrappers variations exist with a clear purpose.

INM is encouraging committees to only define queries that start with QueryByParameter As Stub (QUQI_MT021001UV01). - as it would at some point in the future like to get rid of the other variant (ParameterList As Stub -QUQI_MT020001UV01) as soon as no comittee is using it anymore. Note that a comittee can change this (even for normative artefacts) as there is no backwards compatibility issue at all when making the switch.

There are only a few queries that use the parameterList stub. Existing query definition based on the paremeterList stub (even if normative) can be redefined to start with queryByParameter. The instance on the wire nor the abstract composite model will change if you do so, so there are no backwards compatibility issues.