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Publishing Requirements - ARB

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Publishing Requirements

This page is to document the publishing requirements to be addressed by the ARB risk assessment.

Publishing Requirements

  • Must enable the publishing of high-quality artifacts
    • Should be machine processible to enable the automation of quality checks were possible
    • Preferable for quick feedback to user on quality problems
  • Must be straight-forward to use by the general standards-writing audience without numerous training sessions
  • Should be accessible computers operating in a corporate environment which may have restrictions on administrator rights
  • Should be usable on the major personal computer operating systems
    • Must support Windows 7 and later
    • Preferable for it to support Mac OS X
    • Nice to support Linux variants (if need is determined)
    • Need to evaluate support for Mobile OS platforms (if yes, iOS and Android are a must)
  • Should support sharing of intermediate work prior to final publication
  • Should support review of intermediate work prior to final publication
  • Should support scripting to allow automation of final publication process
  • Preferable to support production in three main output format HTML, PDF and ePUB
  • For HTML output, must support the ability to re-brand using different plug-in CSS files
  • Should support the generation of supplemental artifacts that can be used in the downstream generation of software components
    • Basic editing:
    • Must support the creation of basic standards documentation components: lists (ordered and unordered), tables, headings, emphasis (bold and italic) and links (internal and external)
    • Must support the inclusion of graphical components: JPEG, PNG, GIF
    • Must support English documents
    • Should have provision for translation
    • Should provide spell-check capabilities