Proposal: create a query mechanism which specifies templates for the response

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  • If the receiver of a query is some sort of archive (e.g. an EHR, or a Datamart) which could potentially respond to a query using a response structure that is extremely rich in detail: how does one [the party that sends the query] "limit" the response to a certain more minimalistic subset?
    • The use-case was raised in a SOA environment using Query-By-Example
  • This proposal seeks to add a new attribute (see discussion section for the class in which it should be added) of type SET<II> to allow the query placer to specify a list of templateIds the response model should be compliant with.

Rejected Alternatives

  • Different interaction for each response-template: The current dynamic model requires that each and every Trigger Event (and hence: Interaction) have exactly one static response model. Thus, if we had 7 level-of-richness templates for a response model, we'd have to define 7 query interactions [all with the exact same static model] and 7 response interactions.
  • Query parameter to specify templates:
    • See Nature of ParameterItem - it clashes with the nature of PatremeterItem
    • It doesn't offer a solution for Query-By-Example (QBE) scenarios, where the query model is comprised of Acts with isCriterionInd set to true. QBE doesn't have query paremeters.