Proposal: change ActReference participations

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  • Proposed by: Rene spronk 11:43, 29 August 2006 (CDT)
  • Material has been included in Jan2007 ballot cycle material.


This proposal seeks to change the MFMT_RM002000 R-MIM as contained in the ActReference topic in the Shared Messages domain. This R-MIM contains a focal Act which has a AUT (Author) participation. The proposal extends the partcipations to Performers, Overseers and other verifiers.


The Dutch national infrastructure (AORTA) is based on a registry of Act References. Next to the Author there is a requirement to capture the party that is legally responsible for the referenced act, i.e. the Overseer.


Extend the ActReference R-MIM is two ways:

  • change the Author participation (with typeCode <= AUT) to a AuthorOrperformer partcipation, with typeCode <= x_ParticpationAuthorPerformer.
  • add a new optional Overseer participation, with typeCode <= x_ParticipationVrfRespSprfWit, and the same attributes as the AuthorOrperformer partcipation.