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HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at NI2016


  • 8 participating vendors
  • 18 scheduled education sessions
  • around 150 visitors over 3 days to the education sessions


  • Participation
  • Theater Presentations had good content
  • Location of the demonstration
  • Professional and smooth presentation
  • Great planning team!

Lessons Learned:

  • Traffic during sessions was low, demonstrations more popular early or late in the day
  • Increase the opportunities to socialize within the showcase space
  • Leverage the program, less presentations, inserting as a session into the program
  • Look at the hours of demonstration- target times, meet the experts, socialization
  • Focused handout that describes: use case, standards, context, links to organizations to follow up with, solid why to attend the showcase, why they specifically need to know
  • Meter Board/ Posters- with handout content, use case,
  • Marketing- larger signage, flexible signage
  • Working with the conference- remind attendees to attend the showcase during the day, announcement
  • Pre-marketing- Interoperability 101 for attendees to build excitement, think about different terms we can use to describe it


  • Connect with the vendors who participated to find out why they decided to participate- Bronwen
  • Write up the process, success, challenges of the demonstration- Bronwen, maybe a blog
    • Consolidate presentations to be included in the blog