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These are the minutes made during the HL7 WGM January 2016 during the Nurse work Group meeting.


  • William gave a summary of what is done so far and what the status is at this moment.

Interested vendors:

  • Status update
    • Current contacts with interested vendors
      • Solid
        • GS1 codes- medications, or other events, with bar coding
      • HL7- Interested
        • Pat has talked to Marc McDougal in Atlanta and will continue the talk during this WGM. Also Laura will talk to him this week. She will discuss some opportunities and how to realize these. Maybe the earlier curriculum can be presented. Opportunities are:
        • One of the topics to discuss with Marc is the HL7 advertisement on the involvement of nurses and on FHIR.
      • Intersystems
        • Russ Leftwich talked to Intersystems US, William in the Netherlands. the will communicate about the status and to whom they are talking to. they are very interested.
      • Centric
        • Contact Anneke in January
      • Cerner
        • Interested and spoke with Patrick
      • German Vendor
        • German E Summary (HL7 based. Anneke contacted Ursula in December. She confirmed the German vendor will still participate and they will prepare the showcase. Uncertain if the vendor has already signed the contract.
      • Chipsoft
        • Dutch, nursing care plan, discharge summary and interaction with devices. Chipsoft is asking which use cases will be used. On the other hand we want to anticipate on what vendors can do already. The discussion is focused on how to deal with this. See below in minutes.
      • Patrick Vendors
        • Patrick to send list. No information on status of this. In the next call we need to ask Patrick what the status is on which vendors signed the contract already and will participate for sure.
      • ANA involvement: Pat wants to be introduced to someone from ANA. Laura is going to see to that during this week.

Who is the audience of NI2016? William gave a summary of the audience in the former NI conferences. Action: William will ask Patrick, people from Taiwan and Finland for the numbers of attendees and the composition of the audience in Taiwan and finland.

Actions in general:

  • If people are going to HIMMS US please contact vendors. the prospectus is ready and can be downloaded (see project documents). The prospectus is specially created to inform vendors.
  • Please see the minutes of DEcember 15th for more actions.

Next meeting: January 26th.