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  • Newsletter Announcements complete and distributed to list serves
  • Website publication complete
  • Prospectus is reviewed
    • Will be adding more detailed information on benefits of presenting at a nursing conference. Laura Heermann Langford to provide
    • Will change currency on prospectus
  • Interoperability Showcase will be moved to the main entrance of the conference
    • Will be adding to the prospectus- Bronwen


  • Next Step: Developing Contract – Patrick
    • Bronwen and Patrick to develop in the next two weeks after finalized prospectus
  • Vendor recruitment: Continued
    • Awareness campaign (newsletters, webinar)
    • Outreach to prospective vendors with prospectus (ePush, phone call follow up)
    • Guidelines for preparation and set up (planning calls, face to face opportunities)
      • During the next call we will determine how the prospectus and contract are shared.


  • Sandra Vance has accepted a position at HIMSS Analytics and her last day on this team will be Friday October 9th. Bronwen Watkins-Pitchford and Joyce Sensmeier will be managing this project moving forward. Please let us know if you have any questions.


  • No information.