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Prospectus Update:

  • Marketing/ General Messaging


  • Review quote
  • Floor plan / requirements for expo

Prospectus Update

  • Still need to finalize the general message for attendees and vendors: action item for Sandra and Patrick. Logical information in relation with the floor plan is still missing.
  • Sending out this message through the list members of the team can easily use:
    • ICN by Nick. This message is also going to the National Nursing Associations in the different countries;
    • AMIA by Carolyn Sipes;
    • HL7 International, IMIA-NI and some groups in AMIA by William;
    • HIMSS nesletter: Sandra;
    • Article for the HL7 Newsletter by Anneke;
    • EFN, European Federation of Nurses by Nick or Patrick;
    • EHRA by Gail Anneth (HIMSS;

etc. Sandra will prepare a list with board members and to whom they are reaching out. Having an insight we can try to fill the gaps.


  • Floor plan / requirements for expo: Action item for Patrick is to plan a conference call with Sandra and Brownen to discuss this.

Recruitment Update

  • Webinar to attract attention: still open item.
  • Include in HIMSS newsletters: still open item.

Scenario's & use cases

  • We already identified several options.
  • In 4 weeks we need to start working on the use cases. We need to know who is going to participate in the showcase and what they are able to show during the event. GE, Epic; Sandra and Patrick talked to these companies. Philips is interested, William talked to them.

Next meeting In two weeks.

  • Date July 14
  • Time 6.00 pm European time, this is noon, 12.00 EST.
  • Meeting details will be provided by Sandra.


Attending Name Initial Company/Affiliation Email Address
Present Goossen, William WG Results 4 Care, IMIA NI Representative NL
Present Goossen, Anneke AG Results 4 Care
Present Hardiker, Nicholas NH Professor of Nursing and Health Informatics, Associate Head (Research & Innovations) School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences
Absent Heermann Langford, Laura LH Director of Nursing Informatics, Intermountain Healthcare, Co-chair HL7 Patient Care and Emergency WG, IHE Patient Care Coordination, PCC
Absent Van Dyke, Patricia PD Director, EDI, HL7 Co-chair EHR WG
Present Reeves, Dianne DR NIH/NCI, HL7 Co-chair Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC)
Absent Frean, Isobel IF Head of Health Infomatics, Corporate Medical, Bupa
Absent Jones, Emma EJ Senior Business Analyst at Allscripts
Present Weber, Patrick PW Nice Computing, NI2016 Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
Present Sensmeier, Joyce JS VP Informatics at HIMSS, NI2016 Supportive committee
Absent Hübner, Ursula Hertha UB Prof. Dr. bei Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Germany
Absent Sharma, Rajendra RS The Coding Institute
Absent Whitewood-Moores, Zac ZWM Health and Social Care Information Centre
Absent Taylor, Sheryl ST Booz Allen Hamilton
Present Vance, Sandra SV HIMSS
Absent Rubini, Juliet JR Mathematica
Absent Dolin, Gaye GD Intelligent Medical Objects, IMO
Absent Hammond, Ed EH Duke University
Absent Hatem, John GD Director, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation - Healthcare
Absent Dodd, Dianna DD Solution Designer at Cerner Corporation
Absent Campbell, Susan E. SC PhD, RN-BC(NI), CPHQ, CCM, CIC, Clinical Informaticist
Absent Leftwich, Russ RL Co-Founder and Co Chair Learning Health Systems Work Group (LHSWG) at Health Level Seven International ??
Absent Sipes, Carolyn CS Associate Professor, MSN Speciality Track Nursing Informatics Chamberlain College of Nursing